Ireland Republic of


It’s said that Ireland, once visited, is never forgotten and for once the blarney rings true.  The Irish landscape has a mythic resonance, the country’s history is almost tangible and a sustained period of investment and economic growth has injected a heady dose of confidence and energy.  Thankfully, Ireland hasn’t paid the ultimate price for this recent transition as the character, wit and hospitality of the people, the most successful of all Irish exports (except maybe the Irish pub), remains wonderfully intact.


Best time to visit

May to September, when the weather is warmer and the days are longer.


  • Enjoying Dublin’s gorgeous old pubs and cutting-edge nightclubs
  • Visiting the ancient ring fort of Dún Aengus
  • Feeling history come alive at beautifully restored Kilkenny Castle
  • Exploring the country’s past at County Offaly’s Clonmacnoise monastery city.
  • Checking out the murals in West Belfast for an insight into the history of the Troubles
  • Sampling the whiskey at Bushmills Distellery, County Antrim



Soda bread, a fry-up, smoked salmon and Kimberly biscuits



Guiness, whiskey and red lemonade


Interesting information

The Irish drink more tea per capita than any other nation in the world; until the 19th century, the national colour of the Emerald Isle was blue, as the flag of St Patrick featured a gold harp on a blue background.


Ireland has not forsaken its stunning natural beauty and proud traditions.  Slate toned lakes, green pastures, tranquil mountain retreats, magnificent cliffs overlooking the wold Atlantic coast, remote sandy beaches, ancient offshore, island villages and the friendliness of the people remain untarnished.