Incredible Experiences packages and presents travel, events and specialised experiences for a growing and diverse client base, looking for something unique and special.

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IE Travel Group focuses on quality products and services by creating, packaging and delivering unique and incredible experiences, globally for both corporate and leisure markets.



IE Travel Group have a passion for travel! Our greatest satisfaction comes from our clients having an amazing experience and wanting more. Their smiles are priceless!

We believe that every client is a VIP.

Our extensive experience has made us acutely aware of the need to be on top of every detail no matter how small, in order to ensure that every journey or occasion runs smoothly and is a resounding success.

Every minute of our customers needs are covered. We will ensure disappointments never occur – such as checking into your beautiful hotel on the lake, only to find you are in a room facing a car park or next to a busy lift.

We will establish all your needs and ensure they are met without you asking every time. We deliver what we promise!

Our commitment to you is that we will turn every journey into an unforgettable experience – from the minute you book until you get home and download your photographs filled with very happy memories. We strive to fulfill the expectations you visualise before departure.



Our South African-born founder of Incredible Experiences has travel in her blood.

Gwen Strachan, began working in the travel, event and tourism industry alongside her father’s travel consulting company during the 90’s and has successfully run two travel and event management companies, in both South Africa and the UK.

Her area of expertise lies in inbound travel and special events management in both Southern Africa and the UK. In fact, she’s organised huge events for African and Asian Heads of States, as well as royalty.

From this experience Gwen has learnt about the needs of the luxury / VIP / Head of State traveler and how to meet them. She has continued this same service through her product offerings and believes that each of her clients deserves to be treated like a Head of State. She ensures their needs are met in advance and their journeys are planned seamlessly no matter what the event or journey is.

IE Travel Group believes in the full customer experience from the minute we have our first conversation to when we are planning our clients next journey.

As the world keeps expanding and global travel becomes so much easier, Gwen believes in unique and unforgettable experiences. Whether its a private dinner in the wine cellar where the communists met in Moldova, exploring ancient castles, luxury rail journeys or even private picnics on a secluded island, the team can make it happen.