Lawrence of Arabia, Bible stories and mysterious lost cities – Jordan is romantic and epic.  Better yet, it’s one of the most welcoming countries in the world.  Where else do total strangers invite you into their homes for a heady brew of tea?  It’s also home to two of the most spectacular sights in the Middle East:  Petra, the ancient Nabatean city, and the startling desert scenery of Wadi Rum that enraptured TE Lawrence.

Best time to visit Jordan

April to May or September – October


Experiences in Jordan

  • Visiting the ancient ruins of Petra
  • Pretending you are Julius Caesar at the preserved city of Jerash
  • Lolling in the restorative salt, sea and mud of the Dead Sea
  • Diving into the scuba-friendly waters around Aqaba
  • Camping out under the stars at Wadi Rum
  • Rinding your inner Richard the Lionheart at Karak, Jordan’s best preserved Crusader castle.



Mensaf, the Bedouin specialty – a whole lamb, head included, on rice and pine nuts.



Tea, because you are offered it in bladder-bursting amounts by hospitable Jordanians


Interesting facts

Bedouins in keffiyah (head robes)’ endless tea-drinking; windswept deserts; ancient ruins, bubbling nargileh (water pipes)

Not everyone is a Bedouin in Jordan; there is a majority Palestinian population which arrived during times of war in their homeland