Whether you end up taking photos of a neon-lit skyline, surfing an indoor wave, musing in a Zen tample, shacking up in a love hotel or kipping down in a traditional inn, you’ll do best to come to Japan with an open mind and be prepared to be surprised.  Somewhere between the elegant formality of Japanese manners and the candid, sometimes boisterous exchanges that take place over a few drinks, between the sanitised shopping malls and the unexpected rural festivals, everyone finds their own vision of Japan.

Japan is one of the most visited countries in the world and many tourists wax lyrical when they share their travel experiences. The landscape offers an interesting blend of beautiful nature, well kept religious shrines and temples, historical landmarks, modern cities and world heritage sites. The influence of Japan’s fascinating cultures and unusual subcultures have such an international impact that foreigners flock here to experience sumo wrestling, traditional tea drinking ceremonies, anime comic art, samurai legends and more. Japan is also known as the birthplace of sushi, aikido and calligraphy. A trip here would not be complete without experiencing the otherworldly music scene and diverse nightlife.

Best time to visit

March and April


Ramen noodles, Japan’s fast food specialty – though you haven’t done Japan till you’ve experienced fresh raw fish.


Sake, Japan’s signature drink, commonly known as rice wine and served hot or cold.

Interesting information

Raw fish, Samurai swords, hard-working salary men; bowling; Hiroshima and the A-bomb, electronic gadgets; geisha girls; Mt. Fuji, karaoke, mango comic books.

It’s polite to slurp loudly when eating soup or noodles, shoes must be removed before entering any home, most home kitchens don’t have ovens, Japan has over 1500 earthquakes a year.













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