The world’s most expansive archipelago dips and rises across the equator from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific.  There are around eighteen thousand islands to choose from, six thousand of which are uninhabited, offering adventure that’s hard to find these days in the developed world.  Indonesia is endowed with a phenomenal array of wildlife, including tigers and orang-utans, and its fine white sand beaches, sublime rice fields and exotic temples continue to lure visitors from afar.


Best time to visit

May to September, during the dry season.


Nasi goring (fried rice), the country’s most common dish, and sate (skewered meats with spicy peanut sauce).


Kopi (coffee), as Indonesia is the world’s third-largest coffee producer, black teh (tea); or bir (beer), especially the domestic Bintang and Anker.

Interesting facts

World class surfing, komodo dragons; terraced ricescapes; woodcarvings, textiles, basketwork and beadwork, exotic fruits, political corruption.

The Balinese year is only 210 days long; snow is found two degrees south of the equator on ‘Puncak Jaya’ in Papua.  Bali’s roosters are the most spoiled animals of Indonesia.  Preened, groomed and dined, they are as pampered as Queen Elizabeth’s corgis.  Their owners look after them with unerring devotion – take them to meet friends, save them the choicest feed, place them in baskets near roads so they are entertained by passing traffic.

Places in Indonesia

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