Kenya beckons the traveller with a magical mix of incredible wildlife, rich cultural heritage, palm-fringed beaches and coastal homes seeped in Swahili history.  Few places can rival Kenya for the safari experience, though these days your big-game hunting will (thankfully) be restricted to capturing trophies on film.  No matter how many Tarzan movies you have seen, nothing will prepare you for the annual migration of the wildebeest and wherever you lay your head you will be romanced by the star studded night sky and your imagination stirred by the noises of the African night.

Best time to visit Kenya

January to February, the hottest and driest months


Experiences in Kenya

  • Taking a safari – by mini-bus, 4WD, truck, camel, small plane or hot air balloon
  • Experiencing the wildebeest mass migration – the sight and sound of a million hoofs on the move with a host of eager predators in hot pursuit
  • Winging down a notch or ten with a lazy spell in other worldly Lamu
  • Taking the Nairobi-Mombasa night train for a taste of the old colonial experience



Nyama choma, literally ‘roasted meat’ of any shape or form, but usually goat



Tusker – the elephant beer


Interesting facts about Kenya

Spear-bearing Maasai warriors; wiry marathon runners; strong blend coffee; man eating lions; gin-soaked old colonials: Nairobbery

Nairobi’s cosmopolitan population mix and its western-style skyscrapers and suburban sprawl; the shadowy, medieval architecture of spice-infused Swahili Lamu and old-town Mombasa and Malindi